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Development for Your IHBG Competitive Project

The IHBG Competitive Program NOFA was released a few weeks ago. With a three and a half month window for drafting applications, now is the time to put your development teams’ heads together and lay out your shovel-ready projects. With $5 million in possible grant funding for your Tribe or Tribal Housing Authority you can surely get a project up and going to begin eliminating some of your housing needs.

HUD will give priority to those projects that focus on new construction, rehabilitation, acquisition of existing housing, and related infrastructure activities, while allowing for other NAHASDA eligible activities. If you already have a comprehensive plan to address your communities housing conditions you are encouraged to apply. Many successful projects under the 2018-2019 IHBG Competitive cycle were awarded specifically to projects that engaged in long-term planning activities that encompassed a strategic plan relative to future infrastructure development, economic development, and more.

If you meet the seven (7) threshold requirements, with timely audit submissions being the most important, you are eligible to apply. HUD intends to award funding to approximately 20 applicants, for project periods not exceeding 5 years. Leveraging is not a requirement, and its possible your community could receive 3 points for leverage if you fall within predetermined (by HUD) distressed conditions within your community.

Morning Star Consulting has experience and expertise in Indian Housing, with $24 million in successful grant awards to Tribes over the last 10 years. That expertise expands into the Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG), and the current open funding opportunity, IHBG Competitive. We have assisted in the development of multiple tribal housing community planning, from the early stages of preliminary development, drafting of relevant grant applications, to post-award training and assistance. We would love to work with your tribal community to get your affordable housing needs met!

Please contact us to discuss your community housing needs and together we can determine a development strategy that works for your upcoming projects. Affordable options to fit into your budgets!

You can find more information on our website,, and you can contact me at or via phone at (504) 453-1970.

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