• Brandi Liberty

The Legacy of Morning Star Consulting & The Indian Citizenship Act of 1924

This is why I do what I do for our Native people. I didn’t set out in life, when thinking of careers, to live out my grandmother’s legacy. However, from the time I was a little girl she made sure I knew about my Ioway life. I was a lot younger than most of my cousins, only my sister was the youngest, so we learned mostly through her storytelling and videos she captured, it was from those images and stories that I began to understand what my life purpose would eventually become. My vision for Heroda Bikax^e Consulting LLC (Morning Star Consulting in Ioway) is to set a foundation of knowledge that will pave the way for seven generations in Indian Country.  

96 years ago today, my grandmother, and all parents, grandparents, and ancestors of my Native peoples became American citizens. On June 2, 1924, President Calvin Coolidge signed into law the Indian Citizenship Act, which marked the end of a long debate and struggle, at a federal level, over full birthright citizenship for American Indians. Today as our country faces direct racism and turmoil I find it difficult to hold back the tears when the hatred of so many has been brought to the forefront of our lives. My Native children are only three and four generations separated from the struggles my grandmother and great grandmother had to face, and I can only hope and pray that they can share their lives with the next generations as a world changed in harmony, love, and strength. 

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